SkinIt Review

Looking for skin for your Xbox, PS3, PSP, Wii, DS, and others? You must check out SkinIt.

What is SkinIt

So what is a SkinIt skin exactly?  It’s as simple as being a large sticker that goes on the lid of your gadget to instantly personalize and change the look. It is a protective and colorful way to personalize many popular consumer electronic items with custom vinyl overlays.

SkinIt has tons of different skins to choose from not only for your Xbox but also for laptops, ipads, and phones.

What I love about SkinIt

What is really nice about these skins are how easily they can be applied. Usually applying decals to devices with rounded edges leaves a little bit of a ripple around the edge, but due to the quality of the vinyl that SkinIt uses it is very easy to clean up the curved edges for a great finished look as if it was a custom paint job on the system.

Aside from having a massive selection of pre-made skins from a variety of artists in tons of styles, SkinIt also lets you create your own custom skin.


Applying a SkinIt vinyl overlay is a quick and easy way to protect your device’s surface as well as set it apart from everyone else’s. The selection of stock designs is quite good, but the option of being able to create a custom skin from your own art is what makes this service truly great.

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