Sparta War of Empires Review

Sparta: War of Empires, or SWoE, is a 2D browser-based strategy game set in ancient Greece. Players are tasked with governing a small-city state and growing it into a mighty empire with a little help from King Leonidas himself.

With Sparta: War of Empires, Plarium brings you to ancient Greece, where the proud Spartans are facing the ever-growing Persian threat lead by the cruel tyrant Xerxes. As usual in these kinds of games, you will be put in charge of your own fledgling city-state and it will be up to you to make it flourish or be responsible for its downfall. Under the guidance of King Leonidas himself, which will help you during the early phases of the game, you will learn the ropes and prepare to make a stand against the Persian Empire, finding valuable allies or new enemies along the way.

Sparta: War of Empires Key Features:

  • Great AV – high-quality audio and visual effects with fully-voiced tutorials.
  • Traditional Gameplay with PvP Focus– traditional browser-based strategy gameplay with an emphasis on PvP.
  • Immerse Yourself in History– set in Ancient Greece with familiar historical characters like King Leonidas.
  • Farm Premium Currency– premium currency can be acquired via quests.

The game will be a test to your management skills where you need to manage the three main resources: bronze, grain and timber. This increases productivity to construct farms and forges to support the city. Every building you create can be upgraded like everything else.

The key to success (as with most MMO games) lies in alliances and collaboration, as you harvest collective resources, build your city in unison with other players and train an engaged army of like-minded gamers. This underlines the need to choose your allegiances wisely, as only the most trusted battlefield collaborators can be trusted against the might of Xerxes and his cohorts.

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